Saturday, February 16, 2013

Twin houses in Philadelphia. Rebuilding after a fire — Beginning

On December 1st of last year there was a fire in Northeast Philadelphia that destroyed one house and damaged its twin.  Since then Sense of Space has been working with the owners of the houses to come up with ways to restore both buildings.

After a long process of dealing with insurance companies the work had started to create the designs for both properties.  The quiet cul-de-sac where these buildings sit has been developed in the 1970's, and little has changed since.  All the houses in this street are somewhat contemporary in style.  They all have yellow brick veneer on all facades and a shingle facade feature.
This is what the right-hand side building looks like now.  The other one is gone completely and the remains have been taken down to the foundation.

The interior demolition is almost done in this house and the clean-up is in progress.

While we're working on finalizing the designs, here's a hint of what the final product would look like.